Enhanced Nutrition and Health for Upland Phoukoud (ENHUP) project

The ENHUP initiative has moved to the second phase. ENHUP II builds on the strengths and lessons learned from phase one and expands our operations across Phoukoud District, Xiengkhouang Province. Undernutrition rates remain high in many communities and combatting chronic malnutrition requires longer-term interventions than just three years.

ENHUP II will be implemented in 16 villages in Phoukoud District from 2020-2023, with an ultimate goal to improve nutrition and health for at least 11,224 household members (1964 household). Primary beneficiaries will be women of reproductive age and children under 5 years. Secondary beneficiaries will include all the remaining community members and government partners.

ENHUP II will provide significant training and capacity building with our government partners including, Provincial and District Health workers, local health center staff, Lao Women Union, and Village Health Volunteers on gender equality, nutrition-specific, and disease prevention and treatment methods.

Then our trained partners together with the ENHUP team will utilize Social Behaviour Communication Change approaches and methods to bring about awareness and change within our communities. Alongside providing nutrition specific interventions such as an intensive rehabilitation feeding program, sexual and reproductive health sessions with adolescent girls and boys, and community nutrition and disease prevention sessions.

ENHUP II will also provide training on nutrition-sensitive interventions such as WASH, home gardening and small animal raising with target households to improve nutritious food diversity and consumption.

The ENHUP II project partners with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, ADRA Canada, Xiengkhouang Provincial Health Department, Phoukoud District Health Office and Xiengkhouang Provincial Nutrition Unit.



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