ENHUP End of Year I Survey

Our Enhanced Nutrition and Health for Upland Phoukoud (ENHUP) project will be finishing this month (January 2020). The team are currently undertaking the end of project evaluation which consists of training our team of data collectors, then conducting a comprehensive survey on tablet, taking anthropometric measurements (height, weight, middle upper arm circumference) for all CU5s and pregnant/lactating women, and conducting focus group discussions with beneficiaries in our 16 target villages. We’re eager to see our results from the survey data which we will share once finalised!

Training day: Our data collection team are learning how to use Droid Survey on the tablets for collecting data
Training day: Our health centre staff measuring middle upper arm circumference (MUAC) of lactating woman to check acute malnutrition
Survey day: Comprehensive data collection survey undertaken with mother of children under the age of 5
Survey day: All children under 5 years old are measured for low height for age (chronic malnutrition), low weight for height (acute malnutrition) and low weight for age (underweight).

We are very grateful to CFGB and ADRA Canada for supporting ENHUP for the past 3 years … and we’re even more delighted to announce that Phase II of ENHUP is in the process of being awarded and the government MOU has started! Thank you ADRA Canada and CFGB for your ongoing support in nutrition programming to ADRA Laos.