Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS

Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (YEAH) project is making a huge impact in villages across Luangnamtha Province. YEAH has empowered school students, villagers, school teachers and district government representatives to act as peer-to-peer educators on the dangers, issues and facts surrounding HIV/AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted infections. The Government recommended extending the program into a 2nd phase by broadening the approach that addresses the complexities of the issue and supports youth with practical tools to help prevent the spread of the virus. The 2nd phase of the project will impact the youth, older mobile people and sex workers living in villages along the main international highway.

Donors: ADRA Canada, CIDA
Phase 1 Amount: $332,260 USD
Phase 2 Amount: $234,700 CAN
Phase 1 Dates: 01 July 2006– 30 June 2009
Phase 2 Dates: 01 July 2009 – 30 June 2011
Location: Luangnamtha Province
Beneficiaries:10 villages and 25 schools in phase 1 + 24 Villages in phase 2

Phase 1 – Main Objective: To empower 250 school peer educators, 30 rural village peer educators, 50 school mentor/teachers, 5 Lao Youth Union (LYU) district representatives and relevant provincial and district government officials in Luangnamtha province to disseminate HIV/AIDS prevention awareness messages to youth and the general public.

Phase 1 – Main Activities:

  • Train and equip project team to facilitate the STI and HIV/AIDS education sessions to peer educators, schoolteachers, LYU and relevant government officials. Upgrading of team skills will be undertaken at least once a year, experienced Lao peer educators will be hired to conduct training and provide updated knowledge and experiences.
  • Develop the STI and HIV/AIDS education and information materials.
  • Select and train school peer educators with the assistance of schoolteachers and Lao Youth Union representatives.

Phase 2 – Main Objective:

Youth in Luangnamtha Province are more resilient to the risks of HIV/AIDS in their environment that empowers them to enjoy a better quality of life. They are empowered to make positive sexual choices. Factors that increase young people’s vulnerability are identified and known, with knowledge of protective measures available to the government and others who are responsible for their protection.

Phase 2 – Main Activities:

  • ‘Entertain to Educate’ events, sports competitions and concerts
  • Media campaign/mass communication including Radio, TV, and Printed materials
  • Government Capacity development through training and educational activities
  • Provincial Youth HIV & AIDS Study
  • Regional HIV & AIDS Symposium