WASH for Health

The WASH for Health project was implemented in Luang Namtha Province and assisted more than 4,000 individuals between 2009 and 2012.

The goal of the project was to improve the health of the families in the target communities by improving access to potable water and family latrines coupled with positive health behaviour changes through regular health promotion.

Main Activities:

  • 77 community and 18 school health promotion sessions conducted along with 27 community and 9 school mobile clinic days.
  • 12 water systems for 9 communities and 3 schools constructed.
  • 510 hygienic and culturally sensitive latrines (486 village and 24 school).

Basic awareness of good health practices ws very low in remote ethnic communities in Luang Namtha Province and poverty can be directly connected to access to clean water and sanitation. WASH for HEALTH aims to break this cycle by addressing needs caused by health and hygiene problems related to water and sanitation. Flow-on effects of the reduction in waterborne disease such as intestinal parasites and diarrhoea means that food nutrients can be utilised and absorbed more effectively, and people can be more effective in physical labour to produce food. Health education, promotion and improved access to potable water and latrines is vital to empower the communities to make healthy lifestyle choices.


  • BMZ
  • ADRA Germany
  • ADRA international