The Oudomxay Nutrition and WASH Advancement for Rural Development (ONWARD) project was implemented in 16 Lao and Khmu villages of Houn District, Oudomxay Province between 2013-2017.

ONWARD aimed to improve the nutritional status for 7,500 household members, including 3,560 women, particularly women of reproductive age and children under 5. Some activities included Training of Trainers support to District Health Office counterparts, village awareness raising of good nutrition and hygiene practices, establishment of village nutrition groups and water committees, construction of community gravity fed water systems and sanitation support using the CLTS approach, and establishment of permaculture home gardens.

Mokkrajok Village Cook-up

To support the women from 10 Khmu villages of ONWARD, ADRA sourced additional funds for a 12 months adult literacy program. The Improved Learning for Ethnic Minorities to Advance Development (ILEAD) was implemented in 2015 with private funds from ADRA UK to improve basic literacy and numeracy in Khmu women.

Mokkrajok Village Nutrition Group


  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  • ADRA Canada
  • Oudomxay Provincial Health Office
  • Houn District Health Office