Mok Mai Integrated Program Phase 2

Mok Mai Integrated Program (2nd phase of MKWASH Project)

Based on ADRA Lao’s experience and the participatory assessment, it was determined that year 3 of MKWASH would be used as an opportunity to move into working with some of the poorest villages and households in Xiengkhuang Province, in the areas of health, education and food security. Our Mok Mai Integrated Programme is committed to this cluster of villages in Mok Mai as an integrated area development plan for the next 4 years. Mok Mai District is without electricity, clean water, adequate food sources, and sufficient education and health facilities. Our long-term aim is to positively impact these areas of life by working with the people living there.

Donors: ADRA Australia, AusAID
Amount: 150,000 AUD
Start: 01 July 2009
Finish: 30 June 2010
Location: Mok Mai district, Xiengkhuang Province
Beneficiaries: 17 Communities (9 in Khoun district – approx 2,346 people and 8 in
Mork Mai district – approx 2655 people)

Main Objective: Improve the general health status of people living in 9 communities in Khoun District and contribute towards improving the quality of life for the poorest communities in Mork Mai District.

Main Activities:

  • 4 GFS are constructed
  • 160 Latrine are constructed
  • 36 HE sessions are conducted in 17 villages with a special focus on children
  • 4 village VHVs have been trained and are operating
  • 2 VEDCs is established and has received training in ways of improving the educational environment in their village.