Luangnamtha Ethnic Minority Health

The Luangnamtha Ethnic Minority Health Project (LEMPH) works with thousands of people in Luangnamtha Province with the aim of increasing the basic health facilities, knowledge and practice of the ethnic minority people group. LEMHP engages the beneficiaries as laboures, contributing their own time in the construction of the latrines and the Gravity Fed water Supply (GFS) systems, which encourages ownership of over the process and sustainability of the project has finished.

Donors: ADRA Australia, ADRA Germany with BMZ, ADRA Netherlands
Amount: 619,091 EURO
Start: 1st March 2006
Finish: 28th February 2009
Location: Luangnamtha Province
Beneficiaries: 12 villages, about 3000 people and 7 ethnic schools, about 1800 students.

Main Objectives:

  • To provide clean water access to the people in the target communities
  • To provide family latrines for the people in the target communities
  • To conduct health and hygiene education activities for the people in the target communities
  • To set up revolving drug funds for those communities that do not have these revolving drug funds yet.
  • To conduct school hygiene training activities for the students and teachers in the target schools

Main Activities:

  • Building 12 GFS water supply systems for 12 villages.
  • Facilitating the establishment of 12 Village Water Committees.
  • Conducting health education and hygiene promotion for the people in the target villages for the topics: Introduce 3 cleans concept, diarrhoea definition, intestinal parasites, nerve pains, skin infections, mobile clinic, follow up with the health education activities and selection of qualifying three cleans families.
  • Building 480 family latrines.
  • Conducting school hygiene training activities in 7 ethnic minority schools.