Advocate for Tobacco Control Law

In order that the tobacco control law is considered and approved by the National Assembly in 2009, the draft tobacco control law must obtain approval from the Cabinet in September 2008. To facilitate this movement, intensive advocacy activities with policy makers and parliament members must be done during this time. Media advocacy is also needed to make tobacco control law a public agenda obtain public support to the law.

Donors: Tobacco Free Kids
Amount: $47,448 USD
Start: 1st August 2008
Finish: 1st July 2009
Location: Vientiane Capital
Main Objectives:

The goal of this project is to advocate for the adoption of Lao draft Tobacco Control Law by 2009 by:

  • The media show full support of the approval of tobacco control law and regularly publicize about the law and its positive impact to public health.
  • The Cabinet approves the draft tobacco control law by September 2008
  • The National Assembly approve Tobacco Control Law by end of 2009

Main Activities:

  • Five advocacy meetings for National Assembly member. The objective of these advocacy meetings is to ensure support and to address any interference from the Tobacco Industry. A total of 5 meetings will be conducted: 3 in the capital Vientiane, 1 in the North and 1 in the South).
  • Advocacy activities with National Assembly members. ADRA Lao and Tobacco Control Task Force will develop key and strong messages and framed to obtain support from National Assembly members. Also counter tobacco industry arguments will be prepared and distributed.
  • Consultation meeting between Law committee of National assembly and senior tobacco control workers in Thailand. This meeting is to provide Law committee opportunity to learn from Thailand on key articles of the law especially article on setting of fund for tobacco control.
  • Media advocacy. Currently there is very few tobacco control news in Lao media due to lack of capacity and resources. ADRA Lao will hire professional media officer to run media advocacy activities. Workshops with media will be organized to provide media with right understanding on the need of tobacco control law. Tailored messages will be regularly provided to the media (TV, radio and newspaper). Policy makers will be engaged in the media activities to set the public agenda and mobilize commitment.